Investment process

We have been offering our customers investment solutions with a sustainability focus for more than ten years, and, for more than 20 years, we have been offering so-called ‘broad SRI portfolios’ that use a simple set of screening criteria.

A variety of sustainability criteria have been embedded in our investment process for many years. There is plenty of scope for fine-tuning in the composition of sustainable portfolios, depending on the attitude and priorities of the individual customer with regard to social, economic and environmental aspects. The portfolio is constructed based on the customer’s individual choices. In the process, we work with several select consultants and database providers who, in turn, are integrated into various international analyst networks.

Our portfolio management service covers the entire spectrum of sustainability strategies in all asset classes and includes the use of negative screening, ESG analysis, best-in-class approaches, theme-based strategies and an engagement approach in respect of all assets. For years now we have also been pursuing a proactive sustainability management strategy towards real-estate investments.

A specialist team of portfolio managers conducts plausibility checks on the database output. The individual portfolio management departments also have experts on sustainable investment.

ESG Integration

We firmly believe that augmenting the investment process by taking sustainability considerations into account has a positive effect on investment performance. That’s why we have applied ESG criteria throughout the entire portfolio management process. Our Sustainable Investment Research Information System (SIRIS) is the IT platform for analysing and managing sustainable investments. The SIRIS cockpit allows the different sustainability characteristics (e.g. ESG, screening filter, CO2) of a portfolio to be analysed at the touch of a button. The SIRIS cockpit is a portfolio analysis tool that shows every portfolio manager the figures for the agreed sustainability components on a daily Basis.

The Sustainable Investment Research Information System (SIRIS) by Union Investment


Furthermore, our ESG Committee, the central driver of ESG integration, is responsible for formally merging the portfolio management and sustainability functions. As such, the ESG Committee is in charge of defining a sustainable investment strategy and provides a platform for discussing and deciding key ESG topics within portfolio Management.