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Making the future sustainable

We are aware of our responsibilities as Germany’s market leader for sustainable investments. As well as the comprehensive integration of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects into our investment process, we want to play a role in making our future sustainable by steadily stepping up our engagement activities and collaborative work.

ESG analyst Dijana Bogdanovic on the relevance of extreme weather events to investment.

Senior portfolio manager Dr. Thomas Deser on the consequences of climate change on the risk profiles of assets and companies.

ESG analyst Jennifer Paffen on the challenges of climate change for investors and asset managers.

Our Head of Sustainability in portfolio management, Dr. Henrik Pontzen, on the positive impact of investments to combat climate change.

Investment process

Investment process

Sustainable investment solutions for more than 20 years



Getting involved as an active shareholder

Topics for sustainable investment

Topics for sustainable investment

Fascinating sustainability topics with relevance to investment

Initiatives and memberships of organisations

Initiatives and memberships of organisations

How we promote the acceptance and implementation of sustainability principles within the investment industry



  • ESG integration in practice

    ESG integration in practice

    The influence of environmental and social standards and principles of good corporate governance on the valuation of companies is steadily increasing. In light of this trend, ESG integration has become a buzzword among asset managers. But what does it actually mean? How do you integrate ESG criteria?

  • Performance characteristics of ESG scores

    Performance characteristics of ESG scores

    Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in investment. But can ESG criteria also deliver genuine performance gains by looking at factors outside the ‘traditional’ investment analysis?

  • Taxonomy and green bonds

    Taxonomy and green bonds

    In June 2019, a technical expert group (TEG) set up by the EU Commission presented a proposal that defined a standardised classification system. This was known as the taxonomy report. It is intended to provide a transparent means of assessing the environmental impact of an activity or investment. It could be first applied to green bonds.

  • Investing in an age of extreme weather events

    Investing in an age of extreme weather events

    Climate change is having a disruptive impact on our world – and therefore also on business models. For asset managers like ourselves, this means that climate factors must be firmly embedded into all investment processes. Our report on investing in an age of extreme weather events illustrates how we are integrating aspects of sustainability into our investment processes.

Our recent publications

  • Sustainable investments

    Thinking beyond tomorrow today

    Times are changing. A few years ago, sustainability used to be a ‘nice-to-have’ feature of any portfolio. These days, it has become an investment criterion with concrete benefits for the investor that is definitely here to stay. After all, being proactive has always been the foundation of good management.

  • atmosphere

    The sustainable side of property management

    In our "atmosphere" magazine, we present the sustainable aspects of real estate management. We inform you about the current status and next steps. We move forward and want to motivate others to do the same.

  • engage! 2019

    engage! 2019

    For an active asset manager, climate change is of course just one of the many sustainability aspects to be addressed as part of risk management. We have clearly illustrated this with the various topics covered by this issue of engage! We have sought to draw your attention to risks that are still frequently underestimated by investors, such as the problem of plastic waste, of drug epidemics and of nuclear weapons.

  • SDGs

    The UN Sustainable Development Goals

    In 2015, the international community decided to take action. In New York, all 193 member states of the United Nations (UN) signed and adopted Agenda 2030, a programme of 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). The 17 SDGs cover topics such as sustainable growth, sustainable city planning and responsible consumption.