An actively managed equity fund is always only as good as the expertise of its management team. Which is why fundamental research is just as important as sharing all relevant information and focusing resources on individual customer needs.

Benjardin Gärtner

Benjardin Gärtner

Head of Portfolio Management Equities

Union Investment has extensive equities capabilities, offering a range of long-only strategies across global and regional markets. Assets under management are currently € 75.7 billion (as of 31 Dezember 2018).

Our Approach

We believe a long-term approach is crucial to maximise opportunities in the equity markets. A clear focus on individual stock selection is the main source of alpha. As an active equity portfolio manager we conduct comprehensive fundamental analysis of companies with the prime objective of selecting stocks that add value to portfolio returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Our Team

Individual portfolio managers cover either global or regional sectors, ensuring coverage across the full equity universe. We put great emphasis on knowledge-sharing throughout the team to encourage idea generation, while avoiding the risk of knowledge concentration. Our portfolio managers’ responsibilities stretch from fundamental research to portfolio construction. The investment process contains a number of feedback loops designed to make the flow of information quick and efficient.

Our Expertise

We have expertise in global, European, German and sustainable equities.