Our history

Together, we can look back on 60 years of experience in fund management. On this site, you will find out what Neil Armstrong and Union Investment have in common, how Europe has changed us and why you as an investor have always been our top priority.

Milestones – for you and for us

Without you, our customers, we would not exist. You have been the inspiration for, or made a crucial contribution to, many of our milestones. Our aim is and will always be to make it easier for you to access the capital markets and invest through investment funds.

2016 – „Five stars“, 14 times in a row

We have always given our best for you when it comes to funds, customer service and investment management. Trade journal Capital recognises this by awarding us its top five-star rating for the 14th time in succession1. It is nice to be rewarded for our efforts.

2015 – Union Investment Austria established

By purchasing the investment management companies of the Austrian Volksbanken cooperative banks, we can now offer products and solutions for all life situations to retail customers in Austria, too. They have access to our products and services through our local partner Banks.

2015 – 1.000.000 saving plans


We have offered fund-linked savings plans ever since we were established in 1956. There have now been 1,000,000 savings plans helping our customers to get that little bit closer to making their dreams come true.

2012 – Excellent!

Capital 5 Sterne

Financial magazine Capital crowns us the winner of the decade, awarding us its top five-year rating for the tenth time in succession1. No other fund management company has achieved this before. We are delighted with our total haul of 50 stars.

2010 – Private funds introduced

The equity markets have gone through some turbulent times. That is one of the reasons why we launched the private funds for you. It is and will remain important to not rely on one single type of investment. In these funds, our investment experts allocate your money in such a way that you can seize opportunities whatever the market situation, enabling you to sit back and relax.

2007 – Setting a new course

We expand into Hong Kong as part of a joint project with the Bank of East Asia. The objective is to open up the Asian market and its investment opportunities more effectively for you. Significantly higher growth rates here improve the potential returns on your investments.

2003 – 4,000,000 UnionDepot users

More than four million customers use our UnionDepot custody account to manage their assets flexibly, cost-effectively and transparently.

2003 – Riester products

Reister Rente

Just a year after the introduction of the Riester pension, we are the market leader for funded pension schemes. As illustrated by our advertising campaign, 150,000 investors2 have 'brought their sheep home and dry' with UniProfiRente/4P.

1999 – Union-Fonds-Holding AG founded

Union-Fonds-Holding AG is established in 1999. Today, this holding company also includes Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH, which is entirely focused on your needs as a retail client. The stock corporation's shareholders are partners in the cooperative financial network. This ensures that the stock corporation has an obligation to its shareholders and is not subject to external influences.

1994 – Making things clear

We start using colours to categorise risk, thereby providing you with guidance. You can see at a glance whether a fund's risk is generally high or low. Clarity and transparency are paramount for our investors.

1974 – Expansion into Japan

Expansion nach Japan

Union Investment has now gone global. UniFonds is the first German investment fund to be introduced in Japan.

1969 – Giant leaps

Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the moon on 21 July, taking one giant leap for mankind. This year also represents a giant leap in the history of Union Investment because our volume of assets under management passes the DM 1,000,000,000 threshold.

1967 – Investment and payout plans

We introduce our investment and payout plans for you in 1967. Since then, you have been able to pay in a defined amount each month that is then invested in a fund. Or, under a payout plan, you can arrange for a defined amount to be invested in funds that is then paid out to you incrementally while your invested assets continue to grow.

1965 – Real estate retains its value, even back then

We launch our first real-estate fund in 1965. We do not view real estate as a passing trend or short-term cash cow. It is an asset that retains its value. This is still the principle according to which we design our real-estate funds today.

1957 – Little by little

For the first time in Germany, anyone with a minimum deposit of just DM 50 can invest in an investment fund from Union Investment. This fully accords with the cooperative idea of 'investing together, benefiting together'.

1956 – Foundation year

1956 – Gründungsjahr

Union Investment is established by 16 private and cooperative banks. In our first year, we also launch UniFonds – our first mutual fund. What makes it special? It is now possible for everyone to benefit from investment opportunities.

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