We are looking for talented people with a wide range of skills


For us, diversity is equally important when it comes to training. We face up to the challenge of meeting our customers’ and business partners’ requirements just as we do to the changes brought about by digitalisation and sustainability.

To do this, we need more than just graduates from the fields of business and law. Our portfolio is much broader than that, which is why we employ people from a wide range of disciplines, including STEM, philosophy, architecture and neuroscience.

We need talented people with a wide range of skills, who are interested in and open to new things, and who face the challenges of a constantly changing environment with courage and a positive attitude. Most of our employees acquire their expertise through on-the-job training, mainly because specialist knowledge is often not found in books, but also because we are living in a time of constant change.

We further support employees who wish to combine work with study across a wide range of fields, aligning our approach to where we see demand and potential. Areas of study include chartered financial analyst, master of finance, property management consultant, master of digital innovation and master of business informatics. We place great value on offering and supporting a wide choice of training and continuing professional development.


Training days (2019)

  • Diem Quynh Ninh Truong, Junior Specialist on the institutional client portfolio team

    Diem Quynh Ninh Truong

    Why did you choose to do a master’s in business psychology?

    “My bachelor’s degree in economics provides the foundations for my day-to-day work. But the range of tasks I do and the requirements I must meet have encouraged me to develop my structured and analytical thinking. Studying business psychology offers me a wide range of opportunities for further development and to use what I have learned in a targeted way. All interaction is based on human activity and is psychological in nature. This is what allows me to make the connection between psychology and business.”

  • Rüdiger Tröndle, Head of Future Technologies and Digitalisation

    Rüdiger Tröndle

    How does a law graduate become the Head of Future Technologies and Digitalisation?

    “I have always been fascinated by technological innovations, but turning this interest into a career did not cross my mind at first. After completing my law degree I started my career in organisational consulting.

    An openness to new things, good fortune and targeted training have allowed me to fulfil my potential at Union Investment. When the opportunity presented itself to drive forward the digital transformation with new developments, I jumped at it.”