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As one of the most experienced German fund managers, Union Investment has acted as a professional asset management partner to institutional investors for decades. Efficient risk management is a particularly important component of all our investment processes.

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  • Neutral risk positioning with constructive undertone

    Neutral risk positioning with constructive undertone

    At its regular meeting on 29 July, the Union Investment Committee (UIC) confirmed the lowering of the risk positioning to neutral (RoRo-Meter 3) that had already been made at the beginning of July. The background to this was a changed assessment of the risk-reward ratio for risk investments. The more challenging market environment forces more selection and activity.

  • CCUS – (no) climate saviour?

    CCUS – (no) climate saviour?

    Far too much CO2 is still being released into the atmosphere. Technologies to reduce emissions are rare. One of them is Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage (CCUS). But can CCUS really be the saviour - especially for energy-intensive sectors?

  • Better late than never

    Better late than never

    It seems merely a matter of time until a digital euro and other innovative central bank currencies are introduced as a response to currencies developed in the private sector. They will offer a number of benefits, but they also entail certain risks, for example for credit institutions and the central banks themselves.

  • Commodities – an integral part of strategic allocation

    Commodities – an integral part of strategic allocation

    Commodities can contribute significantly to the diversification of a portfolio. And in times of rising price levels, commodities also offer a certain degree of protection against inflation. Union Investment’s Commodities-Invest fund provides institutional investors with broad access to the commodity market.

  • Staring down the barrel

    Staring down the barrel

    Fossil fuels still cover the majority of global demand for primary energy. How can the oil and gas sector achieve the necessary substitution with renewable energy sources on the one hand and more CO2-efficient energy production from fossil fuels on the other?

  • Economy: Will delta stop the turbo cycle?

    Economy: Will delta stop the turbo cycle?

    A wave of economic growth is travelling around the world like a locomotive. In Europe, momentum has yet to reach its peak. But uncertainty in connection with COVID-19 variants is looming over the recovery like a dark cloud. What does this mean for the investment strategy?

  • EU grasps the nettle of climate change

    EU grasps the nettle of climate change

    The European Union (EU) is putting forward a comprehensive package of climate legislation. Whilst still only proposals, the Commission’s measures signal the kind of transformation that climate change demands of us. A difficult and drawn out ratification process seems certain.

  • Can OPEC pull together?

    Can OPEC pull together?

    Energy commodities are a key beneficiary as the major economies are being progressively reopened. But persistent discord within the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is preventing a coordinated expansion of production for now. At present, OPEC continues to maintain a supply deficit in the oil market. But are production increases on the cards in the foreseeable future?

  • Global economic boom

    Global economic boom

    The spread of the delta variant of COVID-19 is unlikely to stop the economic upturn. Quite the opposite: The latest data suggests that economic growth in the eurozone is yet to hit its peak and Germany is leading the field.

  • The great rotation

    The great rotation

    Growth stocks have clearly outperformed value stocks since the financial crisis and maintained their lead during the initial turmoil of the coronavirus pandemic. But since November 2020, the tide has been turning. Our analysis provides explanations and assesses potential future trends.

  • March 2021: Market news and expert views

    Market news and expert views: July 2021

    Economy, growth, inflation and monetary policy – the monthly report ‘Market news and expert views’ will keep you informed about the latest developments and our expert assessments. It will also give you a comprehensive review of and outlook for the relevant asset classes. (As at 25 June 2021)

  • The United Kingdom: Brexit eclipsed by coronavirus

    The United Kingdom: Brexit eclipsed by coronavirus

    Five years ago, on 23 June 2016, the United Kingdom held a referendum on leaving the European Union. One and a half years after the UK’s official departure from the bloc, many questions still remain unanswered. Overshadowed by the coronavirus crisis, Brexit has so far delivered mixed results. The UK economy is currently on the road to recovery.

Our awards

A+ Rating by PRI

Union Investment given A+ rating by PRI

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative has awarded Union Investment its top mark of A+ in recognition of the company's overarching approach to responsible investment.

Sustainability strategy awarded has been the FNG Label

FNG Label 2020

Six Union Investment funds received the FNG Label of approval for sustainable investment funds. Mutual funds that have been awarded the Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG) Label comply with the quality standard it has developed for sustainable investments in the German-speaking countries.