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As one of the most experienced German fund managers, Union Investment has acted as a professional asset management partner to institutional investors for decades. Efficient risk management is a particularly important component of all our investment processes.

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  • Retail

    Retail: coronavirus accelerates online revolution

    The recovery of the retail sector is gathering pace as the economy opens up after lockdown. Revenues in the eurozone are rising sharply. The importance of online sales continues to grow.

  • Climate litigation

    Climate litigation

    Could successful action be brought against the German government because its current climate policy is in breach of Germany’s constitution? While the German Basic Law guarantees protection of life, it is known that climate change poses a huge threat to this protection. A growing number of court cases are addressing this potential conflict. Although this may provide clarity for investors, it also creates risks for companies and governments alike.

  • March 2020: Market news and expert views

    Market news and expert views: July

    Economy, growth, inflation and monetary policy – the monthly report ‘Market news and expert views’ will keep you informed about the latest developments and our expert assessments. It will also give you a comprehensive review of and outlook for the relevant asset classes. (As at 26 June 2020)

  • Rising number of coronavirus cases is making markets nervous

    Rising number of coronavirus cases is making markets nervous

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is warning of a possible second wave of coronavirus. Regional hotspots have recently emerged, with the US in particular seeing a sharp increase in new cases of infection. This is fuelling significant volatility in the financial markets, but the negative impact has been limited so far.

  • Investment after the pandemic: the crisis as an accelerator of trends

    Investment after the pandemic: the crisis as an accelerator of trends

    Structural trends that emerged before the coronavirus pandemic have become more pronounced as a result of the global crisis. Government bond yields are now even lower than before the crisis and are likely to remain at these low levels for a long time. The ‘investment emergency’ has intensified. Which asset classes can still offer opportunities?

  • UIC

    Union Investment reaffirms neutral risk position

    The Union Investment Committee (UIC) has confirmed its neutral risk positioning (RoRo meter at 3) at its regular meeting on 23 June 2020 but has shifted to a slightly more defensive stance. The committee believes that the support measures adopted by governments and central banks and the gradual easing of the containment measures have been widely priced in now. Risk assets will remain attractive over a longer horizon.

  • Hydrogen: climate saviour?

    Hydrogen: climate saviour?

    Extensive decarbonisation of the economy is essential if we are to limit climate change and the associated rise in temperature. This realisation forms the basis for the conclusions reached at the Paris climate summit. The target is to establish carbon-neutral economic and production systems by 2050. The increased use of hydrogen is a promising alternative.

  • Capital market outlook: Coronavirus acting as a catalyst

    Capital market outlook: Coronavirus acting as a catalyst

    Coronavirus is going to have a defining influence on the capital market environment of the early 2020s. Jens Wilhelm, member of the Board of Managing Directors of Union Investment: “The coronavirus crisis is acting as a catalyst for the acceleration of existing investment trends. A higher – but carefully managed – level of risk, a more active approach and a stronger focus on security selection are the right course of action in response to this shift.”

  • Rocky road ahead: bare bones trade deal or WTO Brexit?

    Rocky road ahead: bare bones trade deal or WTO Brexit?

    After all the efforts to avoid a disorderly Brexit, it now looks as though that’s exactly what may happen. An extension of the transition period seems to have been ruled out – and there are only six months left to negotiate a new trade agreement. Will economic rationality win out in the end, with the two sides agreeing a ‘bare bones’ deal?

  • Sustainability through transformation: from utopian ideal to process

    Sustainability through transformation: from utopian ideal to process

    In recent years, the investment opportunities associated with sustainability have become more prominent. In the area of the environment in particular, analysts are looking for new business models and companies that are set to benefit from climate change. By combining the two approaches, a portfolio can be created that minimises risks and boosts opportunities.

  • The current state of the property markets - May 2020

    The current state of the property markets

    The global spread of coronavirus has led to a substantial reduction in economic activity. Experience has shown that real estate markets in particular react with a time lag. Nonetheless, some market trends are already emerging and must be closely monitored.

Our awards

A+ Rating by PRI

Union Investment given A+ rating by PRI

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative has awarded Union Investment its top mark of A+ in recognition of the company's overarching approach to responsible investment.

Sustainability strategy awarded has been the FNG Label

FNG Label 2020

Six Union Investment funds received the FNG Label of approval for sustainable investment funds. Mutual funds that have been awarded the Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG) Label comply with the quality standard it has developed for sustainable investments in the German-speaking countries.