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As one of the most experienced German fund managers, Union Investment has acted as a professional asset management partner to institutional investors for decades. Efficient risk management is a particularly important component of all our investment processes.

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  • Market news and expert views

    Market news and expert views: October 2022

    Economy, growth, inflation and monetary policy – the monthly report ‘Market news and expert views’ will keep you informed about the latest developments and our expert assessments. It will also give you a comprehensive review of and outlook for the relevant asset classes. (As at 30 September 2022)

  • Moderately defensive positioning for the UIC

    UIC retains its defensive stance

    The Union Investment Committee (UIC) confirmed its defensive risk positioning (RoRo meter at level 2) at its regular meeting on 27 September. The prevailing market environment is characterised by slowing economic growth, high inflation, tightening monetary policy and geopolitical risk factors. As a result, all opportunity-oriented asset classes are currently underweighted in the strategic portfolio.

  • Inflation remains a dominant factor in the capital markets

    Inflation remains a dominant factor in the capital markets

    The US Federal Reserve has reiterated that bringing down inflation is its top priority and that one of its objectives is to cool the labour market. In Europe, inflation will remain at heightened levels for some time to come due to high energy prices. This will result in further increases in interest rates on both sides of the Atlantic. What does this mean for the different asset classes?

  • Less wiggle room for Biden?

    Less wiggle room for Biden?

    The US midterm elections take place on 8 November 2022. No one is expecting any major surprises: the most likely outcome is that the Republicans gain a majority in the House of Representatives and the Democrats hold on to the Senate. However, it is important to keep a close eye on the results in the key states.

  • Economic growth – the road ahead remains rocky

    Economic growth – the road ahead remains rocky

    The war in Ukraine, energy supply, high inflation, rising interest rates and concerns about economic growth – these are the topics that have been dominating the news in recent weeks. But what impact do these individual factors have on the capital markets and what is the outlook for the rest of the year?

  • Pretty much best friends?

    Pretty much best friends?

    For a while now, China and Russia have been developing their own shared vision of a world order that contrasts starkly with the prevailing western view. The war in Ukraine has accelerated this development. Which sectors would be most affected if the rift between these geopolitical blocs continues to widen?

  • Inflation: too early to sound the all-clear

    Inflation: too early to sound the all-clear

    Both headline and core inflation in the US have fallen month on month. In the eurozone, however, inflation remains on an upward trajectory. Although Germany, for example, saw a temporary dip in inflation, this was purely attributable to one-off effects. Conditions in the capital markets thus look set to remain uncertain.

  • Union Investment’s business remains robust despite changing conditions

    Union Investment’s business remains robust despite changing conditions

    In a market environment shaped by the adverse influences of the war in Ukraine, high inflation and the lingering pandemic, Union Investment recorded robust inflows in the first half of 2022.

  • Consumer sentiment dampened by inflation and the war in Ukraine

    Consumer sentiment dampened by inflation and the war in Ukraine

    The mood among consumers has become gloomier around the world. High levels of inflation are eroding purchasing power. In Europe, uncertainty about the reliability of Russian gas supplies is the biggest drag on economic growth. On the labour market front, the US is in better shape than Europe.

Our awards

A+ Rating by PRI

Union Investment given A+ rating by PRI

The United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) initiative has awarded Union Investment its top mark of A+ in recognition of the company's overarching approach to responsible investment.

Sustainability strategy awarded has been the FNG Label

FNG Label 2022

Nine Union Investment funds received the FNG Label of approval for sustainable investment funds. Mutual funds that have been awarded the Sustainable Investment Forum (FNG) Label comply with the quality standard it has developed for sustainable investments in the German-speaking countries.